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The Keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat, moderate protein way of living. When you eat according to this plan, your metabolism switches to burning stored body fat for energy.


The Keto plan has been shown to reduce and stabilize blood sugar, help immunity, and promote weight loss. It has proven results for many people who have not had success losing weight in the past.


There are many benefits to a Keto diet:

  • Aids in weight loss and anti-aging 

  • Boosts immune response 

  • Helps regulate blood sugar 

  • Reduces cholesterol and triglycerides 

  • Improves mood, wellbeing & quality of life 

  • Reduces blood pressure 

We have compiled some fun, creative, delicious dishes for your enjoyment. Get ready to lose weight eating the things you love and finding new favorites.  Get ready for the Keto Remix!

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Allison is an entrepreneur, CEO, chef and philanthropist. Her earliest memory and meal creation happened when she was still a toddler. Perched on the floor of her family’s Chicago home with a butter knife, a single slice of bread, a container of peanut butter and a jar of jelly, her first culinary creation was born. That memorable sandwich was the catalyst for a life-long love of creating delicious meals, where she graduated to daily sous chef for her Grandmother Lucinda and Mother Everlena, and then on to pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities fueled by her culinary expertise. These memorable cooking experiences led her on a journey she now shares with her husband, four children, and the world.   

Tiera is a savvy businesswoman, creative and chef who continues to shower dinner plates with her culinary genius. She’s a tastemaker who creates and elevates appetizing recipes, artistically using spices and herbs to transcend ordinary meals into delectably exceptional ones. It’s how she shares her love of family and all who come to her table. Tiera credits her happy childhood memories of cooking with her family for broadening her skills as a chef, as she recreates treasured recipes from her past and shapes new ones to share with her husband, her children, and cooks everywhere.

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